Our Firm was in Zürich on September 15, 2017 to attend the very first ICO Summit to be held in Switzerland alongside numerous individuals and entities of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry from all around the world. It was unanimously agreed that Switzerland is currently the most pragmatic and safe place to conduct crypto investment schemes, in particular ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), due to Switzerland’s stable political context, the reliability of its institutions and regulators and the know-how of the technological, financial, legal and economic actors. We expect the industry to take advantage of the fact that Switzerland has not yet strictly regulated the trade and usage of the Blockchain technology in the financial field, in particular as regards ICOs, by working towards establishing some kind of self-regulation and governance that could, in turn, serve as a basis for the Swiss authorities’ stance on the matter. It was also stressed that one must use great care before investing in cryptocurrency projects and investments due to the high factor of risk that could be linked to some of the proposed schemes. Thorough due diligence is required before participating in an ICO and one should take time to investigate the people behind the project, the objective of such project, study the white paper and the technology and read the comments from the industry’s other players.
All questions should be sent to Mr Daniel Udry (daniel.udry@100rhoneavocats.ch) and to Mr Sébastien Collart (sebastien.collart@100rhoneavocats.ch).

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