Emile Branca was born in 1996. He studied law at the University of Geneva and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in law, a Certificate in transnational law and a Master’s degree in law. He completed his education by passing the Geneva Bar School of Geneva. During his studies, he carried out a one-month internship in a law firm.

In parallel to his academic background, Emile Branca worked for three years (2015-2018) as a legal secretary in a law firm specialized in tenancy law and real estate law. Following this first work experience, he was hired as a minute taker (2019-2021) in the Geneva Parliament. He was responsible for drafting the minutes of the following parliamentary committees: the Housing Committee, the Judicial and Police Committee, the Social Affairs Committee and the Environment and Agriculture Committee.

Emile Branca joined 100 Rue du Rhône Avocats in October 2021.

He works in French and has a good command of English. He also has some knowledge in German.